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Original Art by Rich Koslowski

Rich Koslowski has been working as a professional artist since 1990, creating award-winning images in Graphite, India Ink, Watercolor and Oil Paint. Featured here are some of his works, which are also on display at his store/gallery, Art Supplies, Ink. If you are interested in purchasing an original please contact Rich or Sandy at Art Supplies, Ink. 831-708-2855. Shipping is also available for an additional charge. Have a favorite person or character you'd like painted? Rich also does commissioned paintings. Call or stop in the store for a quote.

art Rich Koslowski
art Hulk vs Superman, Watercolor, 20 x 29 framed, $400
art The Thing vs Wolverine, Watercolor, 20x 22 framed, $500
art  Hulk vs Thor, Watercolor, 14.5 x 20 framed, $400
art Vision, Oil on Canvas, 9x12, $100
art Stephen Curry, Oil on Canvas, 14x18 with Gold Frame, $400
art Stormtrooper with Battle Damage, Oil on Canvas, 18x18, SOLD!
art Sith Lord, Oil on Canvas, 24x36, SOLD!
art Shoot First, Oil on Canvas, 18x24, $400
art The Last Jedi, Oil on Canvas, 18x24, SOLD!
art Mr Spock, Oil on Canvas, 18x24, $900
art Gandalf the Gray, Oil on Canvas, 18x24, $900
art God of Thunder, Oil on Canvas, 18x24, $1,200
art Wolverine, Oil on Canvas,  8x10, SOLD!
art Wonder Woman, 10x20, Oil on Canvas, SOLD!
art Brian Winters, Oil on Canvas, 12x16, $300
art Glenn Robinson, Oil on Canvas, 12x16, $300
art The Mighty Chewbacca, Oil on Canvas, 16x20 framed, $450
art Deadpool, Oil on Canvas, 10x10, $200
art  I Am Klingon!, Oil on Canvas, 12x16, $400 w/frame
art Glenn Robinson, Oil on Canvas, 12x16 (NFS)