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About Art Supplies, Ink!


After seven years here at ASI we are moving on. We’ve met some great people, and had some great customers, but life is taking us in a new direction. So, for the entire month of February we will be having a Storewide Sale on our entire inventory. At least half of our items are already between 20-60% Off of MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). Well, we’re going to add another 25% OFF on top of already steeply discounted art supplies. This means you’ll be able to get many of your art supplies at our cost!

This is it! There will NOT be an escalating percentage as we get closer to our closing date. There will be no “Vultures descending to pick the bones clean." The additional 25% OFF until it’s gone. And what we don’t sell, we’re taking with us. Hey, we are artists ourselves, after all, we’ll put it to good use!

In some cases we will have ENTIRE DISPLAYS for sale at insane prices (50-75% OFF)! Look for those when you come in.

FIXTURES: Yes, if you’re interested in Bookshelves, Flat Files, Racks, Tables, Chairs, Display cases…they are also available. And these items will be “Priced as marked” at very, very desirable prices!

GIFT CERTIFICATES: If you still have a Gift Certificate, get in here and use it before it’s too late!

Thanks to those of you who supported us these past seven years! You know who you are, and we love you! You are the heroes of Small Business owners! Online warehouses, owned by billionaires (I won’t name them, they get enough free advertising), who don't give a dime back to our communities, are destroying Small Businesses and, ultimately, destroying the American Dream. I will NEVER buy from these online stores and will continue to support Small Businesses wherever I go. Small Businesses are the backbone of America. Support your local Small Businesses! Before they’re all gone… Nuff Said!